Coin Cell Assembly Equipment to Chile


Coin Cell Assembly Equipment to Chile

On June 2020, TMAX sold out a whole line machine about Lab Coin Cell Assembly to RUBIO & GRAS LTDA Company in Chile who is our regular customer.

Those equipment are mainly used for coin cell battery lab research.Include Glove box, Rolling Heat Press Machine, Coin Cell Crimping Machine, Battery Coating Machine, Planetary Ball mill, Disc Punching Machine etc.

In the past few years, this customer has been kept working with us and purchased some Pouch Cell Equipment in 2018.( Include Vacuum Sealing Machine, Die Forming Machine, Ultrasonic Spot Welding Machine, Stacking Machine etc.)

In additional,RUBIO & GRAS LTDA plan to order a whole line Cylindrical Cell Lab Equipment from TMAX in the next few month as TMAX are a reliable company with high-quality product and competitive price.

TMAX Battery Equipments Limited Company specializes in the lithium battery industry, can provide "one-stop" solution for you, provide a "Turn key" project for you.

If you are interesting in this, feel free to contact with us.

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